Let’s Dive Into Antonio Delvanni’s EP ‘Soul Tide’

“With ‘Soul Tide’, each song holds something different, and they all still come together to follow like a story.”

Multi-genre multi-instrumentalist Antonio Delvanni has recently delivered his EP ‘Soul Tide’ to the world, first releasing his August single ‘Choosing’ and setting the tone from there. Now we have the whole five song storyline, and there’s lots of lyricism, production and vocal techniques to take in.

We are taken back to the 90s and 00s with ‘Tell Me If You Bout It’ (Gotta Know). There’s this cool compounded impact from the instrumental, yet a nice casual flow from the melody. ‘Choosing’ has a similar type of instrumental and melody balance, but with a quicker tempo.

For ‘Test the Waters (Rum punch freestyle)’, drums open up the song, and there’s this ocean feel – each note feeling like a wave of the sea – reflective of the EP title. Throughout the whole of ‘Soul Tide’, Delvanni has shown versatility in his voice, but here the musician prominently allows it to flourish in a mix of long notes, fast verses and the more mellow sequences. And then the vocals slow with the tempo of ‘Fire and Air’, a song featuring the unforgettable hook of ‘baby let me take you there’. And I can’t move on without mentioning the momentum to this chorus, refining the charisma of the lyrics sung.

“Soul Tide is an experiment, love story, and EP all wrapped up in one. This project not only shows my versatility but also is a dive into the music that heals my inner child. I always knew I would make rock music because it was one of the first genres I fell in love with as a child. With amazing instrumentals from prod. grayskies, crisp mixing and mastering by Phaydo, and stellar visuals by Tonespeaks, this once-ambitious project not only makes me proud but hopefully will make you smile,” says Antonio of ‘Soul Tide’.

‘A real love song’ no doubt proves Delvanni’s versatility he is talking about, boasting catchy rock guitar, flaunting higher notes and airing a range of tempos. It’s easy to get lost in the lyrics and the character he has given to the tune.

You can listen to the EP here:


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