Olivier Laurent Shares His Second Album ‘Lavi Bon’

“It’s observable even upon first listen of ‘Lavi Bon’ that Olivier Laurent has a great ability to create intrigue and fulfil this on each and every song of the album.”

New York based musician Laurent has reappeared with his second album ‘Lavi Bon’, releasing brilliant singles over the course of two years to create a great follow up to his debut album ‘Eagles Fly Alone’. And from beginning to end, we are fascinated.

‘For a Long Time’ welcomes us through cool sound effects, and it’s not long before we get a grasp of Laurent’s crisp rapping style, where he unloads his experiences. The song really does set the mood for the album. ‘Butter’ – our first collab here – tells a story with political, social and relationship elements. There’s this continuous comparison to butter, hence the title, showcasing Laurent’s literary talents. I like the unexpected yet notable shift in the song as we head towards the end, and as it evolves, we become exposed to more R&B elements.

‘Amaria’s Interlude’ and ‘Put the Bottle Down’ both feature Amaria Simone and her silk-like vocals. They don’t just match up to Laurent’s style of rap, but they also coincide with the atmosphere he designates to his work.

Olivier Laurent shared the interpretation listeners can get from the album: “Lavi Bon is all about understanding who you are and where you are in life. Knowing that everything is going to be ok, and that who you are is enough.”

‘Lavi Bon’ – a trance like opening, initiating the ever-growing momentum of the rap. Some of the best lyrics of the album like ‘It’s unusual, I’m living something beautiful’ are among the quick tempo. The song has a quirk that separates it from the rest of the album, but equally represents it.

You can listen to the album here:


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