My Giddy Aunt Reassure Us That ‘All Things Come In Time’

“I love how the whole of ‘All Things Come In Time’ feels personal to members of My Giddy Aunt, whilst also channelling relatability and sending specific messages to the listeners through the music.”

Best known for their curly hair and indie rock sound, My Giddy Aunt has followed up their trio of singles this year with an EP: ‘All Things Come In Time’. Releasing another two new songs, this project showcases the best of the band, and is perfect for anyone who likes a fascinating instrumental and euphonic vocals.

On ‘Acceptance’, the band go straight in with the title of the song. It’s already perfectly and effortlessly indie, especially with such beautifully mellow vocals. And then we hear another voice, that fits right in with this atmosphere. ‘You Lost’ displays similar tones, but it’s here the band initiate how each song possesses something, an underlying quality, that makes it unique to every other song.

Lead single ‘Sunk’ is undeniably a fun melody, with a quicker tempo than its predecessors. Vocals are consistently on par with the emotion once again, singing lines I wish I came up with myself. My favourite would probably have to be ‘If I could send you this song in a bottle I would’.

And speaking of ‘Sunk’, band member Rory Vagg has described its meaning through analogies: “When someone you’re close to has to go it doesn’t seem real until this feeling attaches itself like an anchor to your neck and smacks you in the face with a wet rag. It’s definitely a wet rag kind of a song lyrically, but it’s offset by how fun and energetic the instrumental is.”

A melody that has an instant yet perpetual warmth to it is often hard to find in songs, but title track ‘All Things Come In Time’ has exactly that. The high notes towards the end are nothing short of idyllic, shining in front of a rich instrumental. And finally ‘Not Mine Anymore’ is short but sweet, generous in its raw lyricism that listeners will find easy to relate to. An exquisite train of piano notes brings not only the song but also the EP to an end gracefully.

You can listen to the EP here:


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