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Seetali Gives Us A Cinematic Experience With ‘Walked Away’


“It’s crisp and beautiful, holding so much power and emotion. ‘Walked Away’ by Seetali is bound to get anyone tapping into their feelings.”

Seetali – producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist – has recently teamed up with singer Alana Shrives to give rise to a distinguished melody possessing a disarming quality, enabling an enchanting connection between the music and the listener.

A gorgeous piano introduction greets us, while the lyrics beg the question ‘Was I overthinking?’. The repetition of such lines makes it all the more relatable, where Shrives is speaking to herself ever so melodically, building up to a climax articulately orchestrated by Seetali.

And this climax presents as a wintery chorus with a grand atmosphere, all emotion on the line through a sweet-sounding mixture of heart wrenching lyricism and an entrancing instrumental. The melody holds this striking power that exposes us to our own feelings.

In her press release, Seetali described this project as a song that ‘paints a cinematic sound-scape’ and I could not agree more. There is this beautiful impact that ‘Walked Away’ unleashes, similar to feelings you get when watching a film on a big screen.

The piano is alone once again as we head towards the end, and we hear the chorus one last time, Seetali conjures all sorts of emotions, leaving us with the title lyric ‘I wish I walked away’.

You can listen to the song here:

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