Spotify Wrapped: My Top Ten Tracks 2022

10. Beg For You – Charli XCX (feat. Rina Sawayama)

Favourite lyric: Separated by a degree, hesitating, I’ll lose you so far out of reach 

I’m surprised this whole album didn’t end up on my top ten songs. I knew about Charli XCX and her growing indie-pop fanbase, but I had never really listened to much of her music other than the obvious ‘Fancy’ collab with Iggy Azalea and ‘Boom Clap’. ‘CRASH’ has not got a bad song on it, and ‘Beg For You’ was possibly the best collab of the year.

9. If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know) – The 1975

Favourite lyric: Well, I found my hotel, I called up the twins, it’s seven in the morning, so they won’t let me in

My top song of 2021 returns again, but this time in ninth place. Maybe because I decided to explore more of the 1975’s songs, like ‘The Sound’ which I played non-stop last month, or their album ‘Being Funny In A Foreign Language’.

8. Art Deco – Lana Del Rey

Favourite lyric: You’re not mean, you just want to be seen, want to be wild

I think I remember discovering this song and listening to it three times a day for the next two weeks, so again I am not surprised. There’s this attractive tranquility throughout the whole of ‘ Art Deco! which makes it so exhilarating.

7. Beach Boy – BENEE

Favourite lyric: It makes sense, the difference, but what’s distance for?

After reviewing BENEE’s EP ‘Lychee’ earlier this year, the song I ranked number one stayed in the charts of my Spotify. ‘Beach Boy’ is dream pop at its absolute best, and I swear the song is made for BENEE’s voice.

6. Broken – Alfie Templeman

Favourite lyric: I can’t read the signs and some things, they just go unspoken
But don’t you feel like you’re broken?

As soon as I heard ‘Broken’, Bedford-born Alfie Templeman became my favourite local pop singer. I recall listening to the album, not knowing any singles, waiting for an absolutely spectacular song to come along until ‘Broken’. Listening back, all the album tracks are good, but it really could not be without ‘Broken’.

5. Daylight – Harry Styles

Favourite lyric: You’ve got the antidote, I’ll take one to go, go, please

I’m not fully responsible for this song landing here. I may have been listening to it longer, but my mum has probably listened to it more after hearing his live performance of it at Wembley. For me is just behind my favourite ‘Satellite’ from his 2022 album ‘Harry’s House’.

4. National Anthem – Lana Del Rey

Favourite lyric: Red, white, blue is in the sky summers in the air and baby heavens is in your eyes

Discovering this song was when I realised that Lana Del Rey didn’t just make sad songs. With such fun lyrics, an enchanting atmosphere and an upbeat melody, ‘National Anthem’ never ever gets boring

3. Radio – Lana Del Rey

Favourite lyric: I heard the streets were paved with gold, that’s what my father said

I always fall back on this song when thinking about my favourite Lana song, which is hard seeing how many of her songs are on this alone. ‘Radio’ just has that nostalgic sense to it however, topped with some of her best lyricism.

2. Strawberry Kisses – Thomas Headon

Favourite lyric: And I didn’t think that she would like me, but now she wants to call me baby

I am really surprised as to how this song ended up here. It’s on a couple of my playlists, and I suppose I never skip it, but I’m not sure it’s even my favourite song from Thomas Headon. Although it has been great becoming a fan just as his EP ‘Victoria’ was released this year.

1. West Coast – Lana Del Rey

Favourite lyric: I guess that no one ever really made me feel that much higher

‘Radio’ may be a contender for my favourite Lana Del Rey song, however ‘West Coast’ could just be her best in every aspect. There’s so many lyrics to choose from, so literarily the line above may not be my absolute favourite, however the production, shift in melody and the way she sings it make it so much better than it already is.


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