Holly Hebe Releases Her Four Track EP ‘party mix’

Hailing from Victoria, Australia, Holly Hebe has not long released her EP ‘party mix’ after a busy year of touring, collaborating and gathering hundreds of thousands of streams. Already the EP has been well received, so let’s delve into each song.

‘Edith Street’ is a song Hebe has liked to play live, which makes sense considering the how the lyrics tend to follow a serenading narrative. It also has the prettiest production and I love how there is a new lyric I notice each time I listen.

Different shades and moods are discovered on ‘life of the party’, Holly’s latest single, with subtle electronica taking the lead. Delicately sung long notes drown in an enrichening instrumental. She said: “I wrote this in my bedroom whilst there was a party going on that I couldn’t get to. This made me focus on the metaphor of a relationship – it’s knowing when your other half is the life of the party and it’s your turn to be their cheerleader.”

A picturesque scene is painted during ‘plastic chairs’. There’s some potent lyricism here too, representing some of Hebe’s teenage self’s innermost feelings, with the line ‘You know exactly what you’re doing too’ probably summing this up best.

We’ve had the chilled pop tune, the dream electropop hit, a relatable indie track and now we have the piano ballad; ‘hardpilltoswallow’.

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