Marvi Rhythmises Her Experiences On Single ‘In My Head’

‘As an alt pop artist, Marvi knows how to construct the perfect pop song, and then can switch things up melodically to add that twist many listeners seek out.’

18 year old singer-songwriter Marvi is already flying high in the creative industry, splitting her time between writing, acting, modelling and of course singing. In October she released ‘In My Head’, her smoothly sung single that she delivers with lyrical honesty.

We are eased into a sweet first verse, creating impact with harmonising emphasis on each line. Marvi first grabs our attention with the statement opening lyric ‘I was delusional’ which opens us up to many connotations of self reflection, deep contemplation and maybe even regret.

Production and vocal tones become richer and richer in the chorus, introducing the hook of ‘he’s in my head’, which does, in fact, get in your head. The slick dive from chorus to verse initiates this strong, perpetual flow to the song.

Marvi mentioned that ‘In My Head’ focuses on ‘the struggles of crushing on someone who turns out not to be the right person’. And we can see how she has chosen a widely relatable topic but also made it personal to her, singing in detail about her own experiences.

Zooming in on the more modern production with new sounds makes for a crisp ending. There’s a faded quality on the vocals now, as the melody speeds up. It’s evident that Marvi likes to mix up every element in her music to make for a more fascinating experience for her listeners.

You can listen to the song here:


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