Edoardo Gastaldi Designs The Thought-provoking ‘Quadrifogli’

“Gastaldi is one of the musicians who properly introduced me to Neoclassical music, and I didn’t have much to knowledge of what was good in this genre, but the refined, vehement sentiments he brings out in his music shows he has true talent.”

I have loved reviewing each of Edoardo Gastaldi’s singles this year, and I am happy to say that he has released this month a new melody. ‘Quadrifogli’ summons all kinds of senses, emotions and memories, all thanks to the thoughtfulness and experiences Gastaldi has put into it.

Right away I can see how well the song matches the cover at, truly reminding me of a cold city winter night. There’s this circulation of deep notes and then all of a sudden we are welcomed into the embrace of higher sounds.

There’s not just variation in the pitch, either. I can feel quieter notes and louder notes, as well as the many timbres to the music. Not to mention the pause Edoardo takes in between the music, which creates a momentum before he comes back with something even more well put together and mesmeric. As for the story behind the piece, however, Gastaldi explains this in his own words:

“The spark that led me to the decision to compose this piece was properly dictated by instinct. I was in a situation and context where I wanted to show and demonstrate gratitude to a person, to a friend, for the moments spent together. Not being clear on how I could do this, I then decided to write a piece and dedicate it to these moments and to us. This person made me realize how the accoutrements for simplicity and transparency are fundamental qualities. Qualities to which I often gave no weight and which I have now learned to appreciate and make my own.”

And the tune just gets stronger and stronger. After some beautifully complex configurations of notes, Gastaldi finds the perfect sequence.

You can listen to the song here:


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