ALBA Gives Rise To ‘I Need A Holiday’

“I’m in love with how refreshing ‘I Need a Holiday’ is. ALBA lets the song flow freely and smoothly, but when you listen back to it, you realise how well everything fits together too.”

With roots in Spain and a home in London, singer and guitarist ALBA comes face to face with her emotions on tune ‘I Need a Holiday’. She recorded the song during lockdown, but the song still has many relevant lyrics today that we can all resonate with.

A warm rhythmic wave dances through the intro and then into the first verse, where we are met with smooth vocals. The speed and intensity of these vocals as well as a lingering piano add to the varying dynamics we can hear already.

The chorus is where we can become indulged by the soul sound. And it’s not just the instrumental and melody that works wonders here. ‘Now I’m wide awake, but I can’t run away’ is just one example of the lyrical candidness ALBA presents to her listeners. Speaking of the meaning as well as the process of producing ‘I Need a Holiday’, the artist says:

“This song is an ode to escapism, figuratively and literally speaking. Quarantine forced me to get acquainted with my deeper feelings and emotions. I’m sure many can relate to this feeling of being trapped, constantly ruminating past experiences, regrets and worries, which can really damage one’s mental health. I wrote this song in the midst of this (unsolicited) journey of self-discovery in the hope of better days. I was very excited to collaborate with edbl, whom I deeply admire as a musician and producer, and who helped me take the tune to a whole new level.”

With impressive vocal runs and a perpetually addictive tune, ALBA soars through another fabulous verse and chorus. Now she ups the versatility with a bridge, where we get to hear a softer faded version of the chorus, all whilst guitars are strummed coolly in the background, painting that holiday soundscape.

You can listen to the song here:


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