We’re Enamoured With Zara Moana’s Single ‘Take Me Away’

“You know that smooth sort of R&B with dazzling vocals? That’s the music Zara Moana so beautifully creates, adding a personal touch with her lyricism too.”

Multidisciplinary artist Zara Moana has returned with her single ‘Take Me Away’ after her 2020 melody ‘Everyday Is a Holiday’, and she has reassured us she has lots more music to come in 2023. And as an artist as well as a musician, she has provided an art collection with her latest single.

We follow a dulcet guitar intro that leads us to soft vocals and weather imagery. It’s easy to get lost in such a honeyed instrumental, where the verses and chorus collide to perfection. Genre-wise, the melody feels like an acoustic soul-like mixture.

And the most admirable detail I took from ‘Take Me Away’ is how Zara Moana crafts the silken production and stream of the instrumental to fit her vocals. Primarily she is excellent at softer yet higher tones but at the bridge her deeper vocals are most notable, and she uses the other elements of the song to showcase this.

“I grew up listening to 90s/00s R&B so I wanted ‘Take Me Away’ to feel nostalgic and be reminiscent of old school R&B. I created an art collection inspired by the song too which feature in the ‘ Take Me Away ‘ music video,” Zara Moana said of her single.

As the song progresses I can undoubtedly hear these R&B influences. Even lyrically Moana knows how to make the atmosphere more exhilarating than it already is. Phrases of affection and lines like ‘I can’t help this feeling’ emphasise these tones she wants to get across to her listeners.

You can listen to the song here:

And here:


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