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Shayan Regan And The Blindfold Experience Take Us To ‘Homemade Paris (Take Two)’


“Shayan Regan and The Blindfold Experience record ‘Homemade Paris (Take Two)’ in such a way that it gives us a vivid taste of the lyrics and story being told.”

British-based singer-songwriter Shayan Regan linked up with musical project The Blindfold Experience. Together they created a second version of Regan’s bonus track ‘Homemade Paris’ from the deluxe edition of his debut album ‘A Poison With An Aftertaste’.

The intro guides us with immediate vigour, and already the melody is being brought to life. A fast pace guitar progression plays with our adrenaline, making way for the vocals. I’m used to Regan’s ballad vocals, but here he represents another side of his range. ‘The sky is corduroy’ has to be my favourite lyric, however there is lots of figurative language to explore here. And lines like ‘So what do you say tomorrow we go to Rome?’ enhance the spontaneous nature of the melody and production. So atmospherically, you can not fault the song.

Describing the tune, Shayan says ‘We all go places, explore. Find the most beautiful of spots to spend time with the person we love, be one with them, admire the view, of a city from a rooftop at sunset, feel the cold and lively breeze near a river, spend days in a lake-side cottage together but it’s only the love in the air that makes these things special.”

He continued: “I wrote this song during the first lockdown after me and my beautiful partner did something similar to the events you’ll hear in the song.”

A phenomenal guitar instrumental brings the melody to mighty new levels and the vocal range expands towards the end. Nevertheless I was amazed throughout at how Regan manages to create to keep such a strong vocal composition amongst the quick tempo.

You can listen to the song here:

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