Tbliss Gets Candid About His Experiences On ‘Smokers Anthem’

“I like how Tbliss produces music that has the ability to be top of its genre but also has a personal aspect to it.”

Underground artist Tbliss, whose 2021 single ‘I just want a hit’ amassed over 100,000 views, decided to finish his 2022 music collection with a tune entitled ‘Smokers Anthem’. The song shows that Tbliss isn’t afraid to be upfront about his experiences, and that he has a talent for putting music to them.

What I love about rap is that it is a great way to tell a story as you can fit so many words into one song, and ‘Smokers Anthem’ delivers just that. It feels like Tbliss is almost speaking to us, and right away we are hit with blunt yet emotion provoking lyrics. ‘You don’t know the struggle’ ironically gets his listeners to be aware and understand the troubles he went through regarding the often taboo subject of smoking.

Behind these introspective lyrics is a fast tempo alongside a bustling production, possibly mirroring the mood Tbliss wants to create here. It’s as if the instrumental is conducted by the vocals, but at the same time it has it’s own effects that contribute to the song massively.

“I’ve used medicinal cannabis since the age of 16… I’ve been discriminated against and persecuted for my drug of choice. I was running out of options on what could ACTUALLY help relieve my anxiety and depression. Classic medication just didn’t cut it… I knew there were others out there that shared my sentiment. I just wanted to let them know they weren’t alone in their endeavors,” the singer opened up about ‘Smokers Anthem’.

So there is also that relatability factor to the song that Tbliss mentioned. All the components of the song contribute to this connection he has with his listeners who don’t just understand but have been in the same situation.

You can listen to the song here:


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