Luke De-Sciscio Releases The Winsome ‘If one thing were different, nothing would be the same’

“The care Luke De-Sciscio puts into his work is shown so beautifully on ‘If one thing were different, nothing would be the same’ through the passion you can hear when the vocals and lyrics collide.”

Bath-based singer-songwriter Luke De-Sciscio has raised the statement ‘If one thing were different, nothing would be the same’ on his latest album, providing listeners with a good quantity and quality of songs.

Diving into the first song ‘I’ll die a little’, here we have gentle strumming that brings about a serene mood. The vocals we later hear unite with this charmingly. And these two components of the music become ever stronger together, to the point where it sounds like they are harmonising. The following melody ‘To Love (a Love That Gets Away)’ has this ambiguous intro before the guitar glides in, then sweeping us off our feet with a gorgeous tune. We begin to hear more shades to the vocals, and there’s a beautiful emotion within them and this is set in stone for the rest of the album.

‘Prove It’s You’ has an enamouring quality to it, and not just on your first listen. There truly is an never-ending charm. It was a fantastic choice for a single as it really stands out, also doing a good job at leading me to the rest of the album. And speaking about being intrigued, the atmosphere I imagined from the title of ‘Rise Up Waking Dreamers’ was enough to make me excited to have a listen. And I was not disappointed, thanks to an even better atmosphere to it than I had imagined, orchestrated by soothing notes and a striking melody

An instant warmth welcomes us to ‘Game Changer (endless sleep)’, capturing my attention and never letting it go. Lyrically we are left mesmerised, where De-Sciscio asks questions like ‘If this is what you really need, then do you need it forever?’. It’s easy to get lost in the melody and the instrumental, which together perpetuate this warmth right until the very end.

As we head towards the final notes of an album, it is always nice to hear the familiar sound of the piano. And Luke combines it with the melody of ‘The Tourist’ perfectly. It’s melancholy in all of the best ways.

You can listen to the album:


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