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Lyubov Kay Summons Memories Of ‘every color’


“It’s as if Lyubov Kay took all the best elements of pop and amalgamated them together for ‘every color’.”

Situated in Toronto, singer-songwriter Lyubov Kay has given us her first foreshadowing of her upcoming EP with her single ‘every color’, released today. While it expresses how we can be reminded of faint memories by the things we see in every day life, the song has this angelically powerful sense to it which hooks us to it instantly.

‘every color’ starts with its amazing production, and begins to lay out the stunning vocals smoothly. Kay paints this dream pop scene already, unveiling hypothetical thinking within lyrics like ‘Tell me where would we be if the world was smaller’.

A perfectly built up to chorus gives us even more relatable lines ‘I hate and love you yeah’. And it’s not just the words inside these lyrics that make the song such a great listen, it is also the way Lyubov Kay sings them to fit the mood she has created and established.

Speaking on how these day to day things provoke heartfelt sentiments and memories, Kay said “There’s irony in that, since the song itself might become a reminder of what I’ve left behind.”

Amongst all these fabulous vocals to hear and lyrics to analyse, is a great melody that connects the pieces of the song together right from the beginning all until the very end.

You can listen to the song here:

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