Alon Mylo Glides Through The Astronomical Bliss Of ‘Space Donuts’

“Alon Mylo takes us through an art gallery of sound effects and smooth colours on ‘Space Donuts.”

Up and coming musician Alon Mylo is onto his second single ‘Space Donuts’ after establishing his genre-diverse sound with ‘SUNDANCE’. And as an artist with synesthesia, Mylo also has a talent for emphasising the atmosphere of his music to the point where the listener can resonate with the imagery.

‘Space Donuts’ opens with sleek modern production and there’s already a good flow to the song. Vocals make their entrance alongside a wave of deep electronica before the instrumental softens a little and we get to hear them up close.

Soon we are weaving in and out of different cool sound effects and this is where the song really comes to life. Personally I sense many shades surrounding navy (think darker tones of cyan and turquoise) maybe initiated by the galactic feel it has, comparable with the title. Here we see (or hear!) all the components of the song connect up together.

Mylo is no stranger to the music industry, having produced for many artists worldwide, but he is new to making his own musician persona. And just from his last two projects you can tell that he has cleverly crafted this persona from his own creativity, which makes us all the more excited to where these atmospheres and undertones will take us next with his music.

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