Davide Fasiello Alludes To ‘Something inside’

“There is something so satisfying in hearing a song that is so well constructed but also pays attention to the emotive details music needs.”

I love hearing melodies from artists who have always had this great, passionate interest for music. A student of electronic music and classical piano, long-time saxophone player as well as a pianist, Davide Fasiello ensures that we too can feel the love for music in his newly released song ‘Something inside’.

Only a few seconds in and I can feel the breath of fresh air with each note, where they all travel up and down the instrumental gracefully. And even as the melody gets faster and faster, there is still that empowering elegance to it.

Fasiello describes how all this came to be: “The song was all the unaware reworking of all that mix of emotions I felt in this past months, not so explaining it exactly… it’s a mix of introspection, joy and desire of change.”

‘Something inside’ is varied in how it is composed. The change in speed, intensity and emotions may sometimes be so subtle that we only notice subconsciously, but what we do know is that there is something within these elements of the song that has a gift of keeping us captivated.

I think Davide Fasiello has mastered one of the most crucial parts needed for making neoclassical music, and that is how amazingly one section of the song syncs with the next. The music is in a constant state of anticipation, making it a sweet and fulfilling listen for everyone.

You can listen to the song here:


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