Kelsey Montanez Speaks Of Authenticity On Single ‘I Sold My Soul’

“Kelsey Montanez slides into each part of ‘I Sold My Soul’ with a passion for the emotions she decides to depict.”

Kelsey Montanez has instigated 2023 with her single ‘I Sold My Soul’. The Chicago artist has a way of engaging her audience melodically, lyrically and especially vocally, and with her latest tune we get to hear these elements of her music in their prime, working together to create something incredibly catchy.

Montanez strides straight into ‘I Sold My Soul’ with a mellifluous confidence. A sleek voice controls the fun instrumental and we can just envision how cool the song would sound up on the stage.

Knowing how to increase volume, enhance energy and alter sounds in all the right places, Kelsey Montanez also makes the lyrics a focal point. The chorus shifts between time periods, from her looking back at the past ‘I sold my soul’ to her being sure of what’s to come ‘and you’ll look for me in someone else’.

“I Sold My Soul” is about how meaningless and shallow life can become when you don’t honor your true self and create from your heart. Sometimes it’s not easy being your authentic self in this complicated world, but I do think it’s always worth it,” Kelsey said in reference to her song.

And everything we loved about ‘I Sold My Soul’ intensifies as we head towards the end. Stronger vocals and an even wilder instrumental. It finishes on the perfect note.

You can listen to the song here:


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