Eleanor Collides Sets The Scene Of ‘Breathe Out Grace’

“Eleanor Collides is an artist who is not afraid to have influences, and in being so true to his music, he has potential himself to be an influence for other musicians in his genre.”

Today I’m reviewing London-located singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Nick Ranga or Eleanor Collides; a stage name creatively derived from the name of his childhood imaginary friend. Now back to releasing a charming stream of singles after his 2022 album release ‘People Are Taller In Real Life’, ‘Breathe Out Grace’ is Ranga’s fourth melody since.

The first thing you may notice about ‘Breathe Out Grace’ is its moody atmosphere which actually creates a warmth that listeners can resonate with. Ranga describes it perfectly himself, with the lyrics ‘A warm embrace’ acting as a motif or allegory. While there’s also a melancholy element to the instrumental and melody, these warm undertones are very strong too.

“‘Breathe Out Grace’ is a song about forgiveness, about making peace with who you are. It is an anthem for the hopeless, a prayer for the left behind. As with a lot of my music there is a positive message hidden beneath the dark and moody atmosphere. For me that message is what makes you different is not a weakness, it is a strength and it should be celebrated,” said Ranga.

At the end we are exposed to deeper and darker sounds – as described by Ranga previously – which initiate the gradual shift from moody to completely entrancing. This showcases the singer’s versatile abilities and how he puts them into practice when recording music.

You can listen to the music here:


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