Chloe Booth Refuses To Take The ‘Backseat’

“I think Chloe Booth has it all worked out. To have a song this strong as your opening single, it leaves room for her listeners to be excited for future releases.”

When an artist has a somewhat similar music taste to you it’s always interesting to hear what they produce themselves as a result of this. She’s only at the very start of a serious music career, but Chloe Booth seems to know exactly what persona and sound she will push with her music. ‘Backseat’ is a great foreshadowing of what we may see next from her.

With a slightly ambiguous intro, Booth makes sure to build a subtle anticipation. But not so much so that we aren’t pleasantly surprised by the chorus, which has everything someone needs for a strong pop song. Energy, flow and intensity. You would not be shocked to hear it on an indie-pop radio station.

Another thing we can’t ignore is how there is an ongoing theme with ‘Backseat’. Lyrically Chloe uses the title as a motif for something much bigger, hinting at these deeper layers with suggestive lines like ‘I’m wasting fuel’. She ensures that the topic is relatable for listeners, but also uses her storytelling skills to make it personal to her experience or the specific experience she is referencing.

Booth describes her ability to write and create music as an ’emotional outlet’, and we can hear this in the vocals. She doesn’t try too hard to create vocal runs or vocal emphasis on high or long notes, but what she does do is take us through each part of the story vocally. Her intent of her lyricism is reflected cleverly in this way.

You can listen to the song here:


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