Mabean Paints Memories Singing ‘Twilight’

“At first glance you may label ‘Twilight’ as a commercial pop song that has potential for radio listeners, but it’s so much more than that. A few listens and you’ll be enamoured by its meaning and melody to match.”

Sometimes people think they will find it difficult to listen to a song that is not written in their native language, but when you listen to a song like ‘Twilight’ by Mabean, you may realise that doesn’t matter all too much. I am a lover of lyrics more than anything, but you can no doubt feel the emotion from the vocals and the flow of the melody, which his third single demonstrates splendidly.

‘Twilight’ welcomes us with modern, fresh production. Mabean makes an effort to ultimately strip back any unnecessary instrumental complications that many artists feel the need to add. Instead, he allows us to resonate with the catchy melody of the chorus.

“Before an empty dark night, there is a brilliant twilight light in the sky. Like this. It’s to remember and cherish the beautiful moments we shared even though we broke up with our beloved lover,” Mabean comments.

In a world full of songs telling of unhealthy relationships and toxic break ups, sometimes it is refreshing to listen to a song like ‘Twilight’, which also offers so much musically to make the listening experience enjoyable. There is not a boring moment within the melody, and Mabean knows to not just add elements to the song for the sake of it. He carefully crafts how is going to portray the meaning in the many ways that music allows you to do so.

You can listen to the song here:


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