Issy Winstanley Releases Her Refreshing Summer Anthem ‘never have i ever’

“‘never have i ever’ has a youthful, fun charm to it right from the first verse to the last chorus.”

Multi-genre musician Issy Winstanley returns this summer with her debut EP, starting it all off by releasing her new single ‘never have i ever’. In the midst of an acoustic-pop melody, Winstanley details her life back in 2021 when she had just turned twenty, sharing experiences many of that age can relate to.

‘never have i ever’ dives straight into the lyrics, asking the rhetorical question ‘have you ever bumped into a one night stand…?’ to initiate this anecdotal tone the song has. Not long after the chorus arrives and Winstanley’s vocals are at their best; smooth and silvery.

Describing the effect of ‘never have i ever’, Issy said, “I want to bring listeners into my life with this song just as if we were old mates, catching up on the night before over a hungover coffee.”

And it’s no secret that the production of the song meets the standards of pop perfection. Vibrant and sparkling in the verses and chorus, softening a little at the bridge.

You can listen to the song here:


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