CMON CMON Convey A Sense Of Hope With Debut Album ‘The Crack and The Light’

“CMON CMON know just how to tie every song on ‘The Crack and The Light’ together so immaculately, whilst also giving each one its own touch of individuality.”

Back in 2022, Belgian trio CMON CMON provided us with an array of guitar-driven singles that introduced us to their sound. A year and eight more songs later, the album ‘The Crack and The Light’ has been produced.

First track ‘Say What It Means’ is full of lush production and concise harmonies. Having reviewed this single back in September, it was enlivening to be reintroduced to punchy sounds and pure indie production. ‘My Heroes’ follows, a little more mellow and tender than its precursor. The vocals are submerged in a hazy instrumental.

We are besieged with questions on ‘Sunday’, with the last being ”why do you never listen?’ before the chorus comes crashing down. A bustling instrumental and soaring melody leads the rest of this tune.

The Crack and The Light reflects the nature of the songs, all of which are true stories,” says the band’s singer and guitarist Jorrit Hermans, They’re quite dark and twisted with lots going wrong, but what connects them is hope. That’s the crack and the light.”

On ‘Nothing On The Radio’, the vocals take a raspier approach. They sync nicely with its vividly layered sounds, creating a compulsive flow. And lastly we have ‘New Orleans’, where the narrator talks of his feelings of loneliness in this city. The instrumental gets progressively heavier, strengthening this addictive melody that brings ‘The Crack and The Light’ to an end perfectly.

You can listen to the song here:


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