Harry Jxye Issues His Summer Single ‘SOS’

“It’s no secret that ‘SOS’ is a commercial song with high radio potential, but there are elements within the lyrics and overall atmosphere of it that make it authentic to Harry Jxye himself.”

This summer Harry Jxye has returned with his energetic new single ‘SOS’. Preparing his fans for his debut EP – being released on the 29th of September – ‘SOS’ dispenses an addicting melody paired with vivacious vocals.

High energy is initiated instantly by the buzzing electric guitar instrumental of the intro. Not long after, we are acquainted with strong vocals, singing lyrics reminiscing of the past. There’s undoubtedly some early 2000s punk elements here, but the themes and crisp production of the song give it a modern atmosphere too.

Together the melody and instrumental build up to a powerful chorus. The tempo quickens, and the vocals become louder. It’s the pivotal point of the song in which everything comes together, flowing incredibly.

Lyrically there is also a lot to note about ‘SOS’. Amongst topics of sleep deprivation, anxiety and self-perception, Jxye sings an array of impactful lines; my favourite being ‘I killed my therapist with my mind.’ However it is not just the lyrics that are powerful, it’s the way that they are sung with such enthusiasm that make them remarkable.

You can listen to the song here:



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