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Nuntio And Anabel Mae Bring Seasonal Joy To ‘Summer Song’


“‘Summer Song’ will undoubtedly lift your mood with its blissful melody and idyllic imagery.”

Faroese Christian group Nuntio have teamed up with British musician Anabel Mae to produce the catchiest, most vibrant song of the summer ‘Summer Song’. With refreshing modern production and evocative lyrics, this tune paints the perfect soundscape of the season.

Showcasing its unconventional but fascinating structure, ‘Summer Song’ opens with its chorus. We are introduced to soul-stirring vocals and an energetic melody that will stay stuck in your head for days on end.

The first verse begins to reminisce the previous summer, comparing it to ‘paradise’. This continues throughout the song, conjuring vivid memories of swimming in the sea and taking a boat out to an island.

Commenting on their collaboration, Anabel Mae claimed they were going for ‘those great summer vibes’ to make an amazing music composition, whilst Niclas Sólheim Højgaard from Nuntio said, “I hope the people enjoy listening to the song just as much as we enjoyed making it, and hopefully this can become a summer anthem.” It’s clear that these individuals make a great team working together, and hinted that they may make more music together in future.

Towards the end we hear an incredible instrumental, with an indelible build up back to the chorus. There’s inklings of electronica here and there, as well as glistening production that captures the celebratory mood flawlessly.

You can listen to the song here:


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