An Interview With Gauri Paighan

I adore the new single! Could you explain the meaning behind ‘Deep Blue Ocean’?

Gauri: I wanted this song to be more about what is out there – what is present to your eyes or mind’s eye. And as we can see the ocean is so big, and you don’t really know what’s hiding in the depths of it. It’s just like the human brain – you don’t really know exactly what’s in there until you explore it yourself.

So you’ve been making music since 2020 – how do you think your sound has evolved since then?

Gauri: It’s been changing every year, the songs that I used to write back in teenage days were more pop sound, simple chord progression and melodic.
After listening to multiple genres and grabbing the pieces from each one of it clearly the songwriting and sound wise music has been changing and evolving poles apart.

What is your songwriting process like?

Gauri: Mostly its based on taking new experiences in daily life, listening to people’s stories and then going to nature, sitting down with guitar strumming any strings that I feel which comes up with the melody and eventually the story comes out on it’s own and gotta make sure the melody is recorded before its gone, because once its gone it’s GONE!
Lyrics is something I can never get tired of writing I love expressing myself openly and not keep any emotions under the rocks, and whenever I have emotions I write them down rather than telling it to someone else hewhew.

Who are some of your biggest influences/inspirations?

Gauri: There are more than 100 to be honest, but when its about looking at the song writing perspective and wide lenses it’s always jerry garcia and roger waters. I love the way they make their songs so full of lyrics, melody. There’s not just one mood in their songs but multiple moods which creates the thunder and stillness at the same time they happen to be my favorite for all these reasons.

What is the biggest goal you want to achieve as a musician?

Gauri: I just wanna keep on creating music and writing it, I have tried multiple times to quit music and get it out of my head but I just tend to come back at it then I realised that the biggest goal as a musician is I just want to keep on making music and never quit on it ever cause music chose me before I choose music I guess.

If you could talk to your younger self, what advice would you give?

Gauri: I’d definitely tell her to spend more time with guitar, make mistakes and do not ever be afraid of judgement and keep that free spirit alive forever. I love my younger self a lot. It has been wild, cowboy, seriously not caring about what the world has to think about her or her music. Over the last one year I got into the mind trap where my whole world turned upside down and I started criticizing myself. It’s good too, it only pushes you to put the best version but too much criticism can stop you from finishing what you started.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

Gauri: I hope they take a part of themselves from the lyrics and reflect at it like a mirror and understand themselves more by resonating with the lyrics.

You can listen to Gauri Paighan’s latest single ‘Deep Blue Ocean’ here:

And here:


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