An Interview With Antonio Delvanni

I love the music video for “Legends of Oceans’ – perfect for the aquatic theme of Soul Tide. Take me through the process of filming your music videos.

Antonio: Thank you so much, So before I storyboard a music video I’ll send it to the videographer to see if they enjoy the song or would be willing to shoot the video. Then we talk concepts and we look at the budget, For that one we wanted a more lowkey shoot done. If you look at my other videos you may find a loose story or even a twist but for this one tonespeaks and I felt it was more important to capture a vibe. As far as the actual filming goes, it becomes easy with preparation. Show up to the location, sing the song I wrote 50 times in different backgrounds, do different things, give the editor something to work with and even though its work try to have fun.

What do you believe is important for a truly commercial song? 

Antonio: I think the most important thing for a truly commercial song is having something everyone can sing and something everyone can remember.  It obviously has to sound good, but people want to remember that they can relate to the experience.

If you could form a band with three other musicians, who would be in the band?

Antonio: That is such a tough question because the celebrity answer is obviously Anderson. Paak on drums, Lenny Kravitz on Guitar, Myself on Bass, and HER on keys. It would be such an insane lineup, each one of us could front depending on the song, and I feel like it would challenge me to be better. Iron sharpens Iron. 

Do you have a favourite lyric that you’ve written? 

Antonio: I have a bunch, I have so many lyrics that I’m proud of and usually they’re in my more poetic songs. So for me it would be the entirety of Fire and Air, The Walls, …Was it Just. I have a bunch of lyrics that I love in songs that were never released as well just because they either felt like too much or I am saving them for a later project. 

You really do have some lovely tones to your vocals. When was it that you realised you could sing?

Antonio: Thank you so much, I honestly don’t remember a time when I realized I could sing. I just got more sure of myself as time went on. Through a bunch of trial, error and positive reinforcement. Music has always been a part of my life so the people around me could sing, I was rarely ever the best singer in the room so it took a while for me to get that confidence. 

You say you enjoy a wide range of genres, but when it comes down to your own music, how would you describe your own individual sound?

Antonio: My individual sound I would describe as Alternative R&B, I think that’s the closest you can get. Whether it’s influenced by rock, EDM, or hip-hop I think it always finds its way back to R&B just because of my delivery. 

What do you hope your listeners take away from ‘Soul Tide’? 

Antonio: I hope they leave Soul Tide feeling better, with a smile on their face. I hope they can relate to my retellings of fun situations my friends and I get into on our trips. I think my genre and my generation needs Soul Tide. Bright, fun, music to dance to. There are some serious moments on the project and that’s necessary, but I believe this is the perfect project for your next trip or if you know you need a trip.

You can listen to ‘Soul Tide (Deluxe)’ here:


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