Maria Brym Pulls Us In With Debut Album ‘More Like You’

“Maria Brym really outs herself out there with ‘More Like You’, where we encounter her true persona through fulfilling music

Olso born artist Maria Brym has released all kinds of musical atmospheres on her debut ‘More Like You’. The nine-track project takes us through many emotions thanks to Maria’s impassioned vocals and evocatively produce instrumentals.

The angelic vocals of opening track ‘Dawn’ have a seraphic quality to them that steals the spotlight. Dramatic and fierce in all the right places however, the melody is perfect for the beginning of the album. The following track ‘Melt into the Bright Lights’ – an enchanting tune consisting of electronic synths – perpetuates this theme of light.

‘Lost into Gold has the best opening line – ‘I blame myself for all the ghosts in my closet’. Here we get to hear an even higher pitched tone to Maria’s vocals, which brings new heights to the song emotionally. ‘Lost Souls’ has this mystical intro that blossoms into a hazy, dreamy melody with clean, crisp production. It may lack a fixed structure, yet it flows incredibly.

Speaking on the content of the album, Brym says “A line from a Bob Dylan song has been resonating within me throughout the process of looking back at the songs I’ve written for this album. ‘Little Boy Lost, he takes himself so seriously’ from ‘Visions of Johanna’. With me, typical girl, it’s more like ‘Little girl lost, can’t take herself seriously’. ‘More like you’ is about longing, reflecting and creating solid ground beneath me.”

And lastly, ‘Misanthropic Lullabies’ feels delicate and intimate at first then blossoms into a passionate chorus and spoken interlude. The lyrics also cleverly accumulate these feelings of delicacy, intimacy and passion.

You can listen to the album here:


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