The Close ‘Orbit’ The Folk Americana Scene With Their Debut Album Release

“The most beautiful quality of ‘Orbit’ is how each time you listen, you notice something new, whether it be a fascinating lyric or perhaps the effect of an instrumental. And that’s what makes it so exciting.”

The Close – a three-piece group of introspective lyricists and versatile vocalists – have not long released their debut album ‘Orbit’. With a range of themes spanning across the warm feeling of love to the anticipation of fame, the album is bound to bring out all kinds of emotions in you as the listener.

Opening song ‘Coming to Break Your Heart’ allows us to hear a beautiful synchronicity of vocals that bring about an inspiring tone, igniting the melody. The lyrics ‘just like a flash-flood rain, pushing through your veins’ create such vivid imagery, also augmented by the emotive instrumental.

Title track ‘Orbit’ sets the mood with an acapella intro. showcasing strong vocal tones splendidly. The instrumental is softer than its predecessors, endearing and inviting. The vocals really do take the spotlight here, but we can’t ignore how amazingly the melody and the instrumental work together to make the vocals shine, complimenting them beautifully. The following track ‘Living it right’ is a great tune, with a great music video to match. It has this chorus to die for, where the vocals truly stand out. The lyrics have such passion in them, ‘I wanna hear my song on the radio’, revealing an expansive vocal range.

‘Lullaby’ is a vehemently sung melody. Lyrically it’s on point, describing love like you’ve never heard it before. Lines like ‘your love is there to cradle me’ conjures this idea that love exists for people to find their inner peace. There’s so many layers to ‘Lullaby’, and each one adds bliss to the listening experience. ‘Can’t Control It’ launches straight into the lyrics; ‘like a runaway train’. And we are introduced to just one of the many things the group compare this abstract concept of ‘love’ to. There’s dominant folk tones here especially, reflected in the innovative vocal expression.

Describing the meaning behind and impact of ‘Orbit’, The Close says, “It is a call to action to get your life together and boldly go forward until you gain your perfect balance or orbit in life and love. This album is for people who have come to the realization that it’s time to shut your mouth, get yourself together and go do it!”

‘This Life’ has an undeniably emotive intro before we are met with fast tempo vocals, with short instrumentals embedded in between. Soon enough the vocals are shrouded by the ever-increasing intensity of the instrumental. There’s this pounding sound prevalent within this instrumental, mirroring the beating of a heart. And as the instrumental builds, the vocals increase not just in volume, but also power, all until we return to the mellow instrumental we were first familiarised with. Closing track ‘You Can’t See Me’ acquaints us with a complex instrumental configuration. The pounding of a heart beat sound returns, but this time matched with a different kind of melody, revealing just how versatile The Close are, whilst still subtly sticking to themes and motifs. Whilst it’s not like much on the charts at the moment, you can’t deny the commercial charm of ‘You Can’t See Me’. An outstanding way to bring the album to a close.

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