How The Best Artists Promote Their Music: 10 Ideas

Every aspiring musician has been there. You’ve just released your latest, maybe even first, release and you are caught up in the process of promoting. But there’s no need to worry. There are countless easy and free ways to promote your music these days. Here are the most efficient ways below:

Take advantage of Spotify

There are so many ways to take advantage of Spotify. Put your latest release as your ‘artist’s pick’. Make playlists that include your own songs. Get your friends and family to include your music on their playlists. Make sure your releases can be found anywhere and everywhere.

Submit your music to music promotion websites

SubmitHub. Groover. Musosoup. All these of these platforms are brilliant for musicians. As a music curator, one of my favourite ways to find new musicians is through Groover. We are always looking for the next up and coming artist to feature.

Instagram Reels

A very modern, now trendy way to promote music is through Instagram Reels. I see musicians pop up all the time on my feed, playing the ‘hook’ – aka the best bit – of their latest release. Filming yourself with the song in the background, whether your dancing around your local park or lip syncing to your own song in your bedroom, reels are a great visual way to get your music out there.

Music Videos

Whilst it may be superficial, your image as a musician is almost as important as your actual music itself. Music videos are a fun way to create the atmosphere that you envisioned for your song. People like to see what the artist was thinking when they made the song, perhaps providing the hidden meaning of the lyrics they had been trying to decipher.

Reach out to blogs

Speaking from experience, blogs are always happy to get submissions – even if we are busy! High traffic blogs. Medium traffic blogs. Low traffic blogs. It doesn’t matter! As long as the cover of your release is plastered over someone’s website, that means your getting it out there and getting more listeners.

Subtle mentions

What this means is you need to get your music out there at any small chance you get. You’re writing a message to your followers on your Instagram story? Play your latest single alongside it. You’re an active commenter on reddit? Put your Spotify link in your bio. Whenever there is a chance to promote your music, do it.

Open for another musician

Is there another musician in the industry you admire? Maybe one working in the same genre as you? There’s no harm in shooting them a direct message asking to accompany them on their upcoming tour/concert, or grab their attention by covering one of their songs. Then most of their fans, will now be yours too.

Make friends with other musicians

It’s important to support other musicians, especially those who make similar music. Who knows? Maybe you could end up collaborating, or simply just share tips and your wise musician advice with each other. Either way, it’s nice to know you’re not alone in your journey to success.

Create your own website

Why not create your own website? It doesn’t have to be high tech, with a paid plan. All you is a place where can you promote your music galore. Music videos, Spotify links, merchandise. You name it. Do you have a favourite lyric that you’ve written that would look fabulous on a t-shirt? Get custom designing and sell it on your website! You might also think of doing some blog posts to help out other musicians.

Put effort into your music (and enjoy doing it!)

Music is art. And that’s how it should be viewed. Making sure that everything in your latest release is perfect is difficult, I know. But ultimately it’s the effort that brings the viewers in. You could promote and promote your music, but if the listener isn’t feeling it they may never return. Keep your listeners occupied, coming back for updates on your music, by going the extra mile with each release. Make sure your listener feel as you did when you conjured up the concept for your music.

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