Dawn Cadence Takes Us To An Ethereal World On Album ‘odyssey’

“Dawn Cadence knows exactly how to make a piece of music her own, and she has left a trace of authenticity on each and every one of the songs from ‘odyssey’.”

21 year old singer-songwriter and producer Dawn Cadence is back this year after the release of her 2022 EP ‘overexposed’ and this time has bestowed us with an album entitled ‘odyssey’. taking us through bewitching atmospheres and enrapturing musical dimensions.

‘forbidden fruit’ opens the album with angelic euphoria. It begins with an uplifting instrumental that transforms into electronic bliss. Undoubtedly a powerful way to introduce ‘odyssey’ to us listeners. An entrancing intro is then before us as we hear ‘Dream Dancer’. The vocals take control of the first verse, showcasing inspiringly rich tones. It’s refreshing and unique. Smooth and slick. It’s Dawn’s world and we are living in it.

Intense imagery is created by the lyrics of ‘Siren’s song’; ‘Daughter of the celestial sky, dropped down from the heavens, so you could be mine’. The vocals reveal their brilliant range, matching their tones to each emotion the song brings out.

We follow the sustained perspective of Dawn Cadence during ‘You Can Never Run Too Far’, tapping into her observations and feelings. Each note of the glorious piano instrumental carries meaning and depth, intensifying the Kate-Bush-eque atmosphere. There’s also a pattern of rhetorical questions like ‘Why does everything have to be a spectacle?’ which adds to the profundity of the melody.

“odyssey is a sonic journey into the core of my emotions,” says Dawn Cadence on her album release, “a melodic diary that captures the ebb and flow of life and art with a retro futuristic flare.”

In ‘Phoenix’, it feels like Dawn’s voice has ascended to heaven, unveiling a stunning high range whilst melancholic undertones are prevalent in the instrumental. Towards the end we hear a enlivening instrumental paired with faded vocals, creating a powerful effect, and then we hear the vocals alone , revealing a fascinating contrast. ‘greatest mysteries’ has elements of funk in its instrumental, unleashing an exhilarating effect on us listeners. It’s a purely instrumental track, yet still conveys immense emotion.

‘fare thee well’ consists of this haunting quality that is guaranteed to give you goosebumps. Cadence reaches new heights with her vocals, also introducing an echoing effect to them. It feels like we are in a dark cave. Alone. Uncertain of what’s before us. Dawn paints such vivid imagery with ‘fare thee well’.

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