An Interview With Oktaf Kanis

I love the new album! Do you have a favourite or a soft spot for a particular song on ‘Another Vision’? Oktaf: Sure! My favourite songs have many elements of guitar riffs, and melody sounds in a chorus, these are like “Another Vision”, “Come On”, “Starlight”, “Wheel”, “Coming From The Darkside” and “Angela”. Maybe there’sContinue reading “An Interview With Oktaf Kanis”

An Interview With Falllift

I love the whole atmosphere you have created with ‘Scale of Life’ and I’ve heard that your debut EP is being released in December. How is the process of recording it going? Thank you! Yes, we are releasing the entire ‘Sunday Sessions’ EP on December 18th. We are finished with the recordings and couldn’t beContinue reading “An Interview With Falllift”

An Interview With Villeman

I love the lyricism on ‘Thirty Years’. What is the writing process like for you? Villeman: Thanks for the compliment 🙂 That’s good to hear because as you know, I’m not a native speaker. I usually weigh every word carefully and spend hours on translator sites until I get a satisfying outcome. But first ofContinue reading “An Interview With Villeman”

An Interview With Ellis Evason

I love the music video for ‘Night Shift’ – I think it fits the song so well. What is it like creating music videos for your singles? Ellis: It’s always quite a lot of fun planning out and imagining what you’re going to make for a video. This one specifically was a bit more challenging.Continue reading “An Interview With Ellis Evason”

An Interview With Holly Hebe, Ivoris And Zhuli

How did you all come up with the idea for ‘Supervillain’?  We were on an all girls writing trip in February this year, one night we were just jamming and it turned into ‘Supervillain’! I think it was a combination of listening to great music and feeling inspired, and just regular ol’ girl talk. We’dContinue reading “An Interview With Holly Hebe, Ivoris And Zhuli”

An Interview With Kevin Silvester

What skills do you think someone needs to start a career in music? Kevin: I’m a strong believer that you need really thick skin in this industry because haters gonna hate, but potatoes gonna potate. You also need good social skills because you can’t just stay at home and just live under a rock. YouContinue reading “An Interview With Kevin Silvester”

An Interview With Harry Jxye

I love the new song! What was it like recording ‘Fake Friends’? Harry: Thank you! This is different from my previous releases, and I think I have found the genre that I fit quite well, this is essentially “back to my roots” where I grew up listening to pop rock / punk bands such asContinue reading “An Interview With Harry Jxye”

An Interview With Sara Maatouk

What was it that inspired you to create your latest single ‘I Need Your Touch’? Sara: Summer love and the sun. Of course love always wins; and really when I sing this song I think of my husband and his touch always warm like the summer! I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true! I’mContinue reading “An Interview With Sara Maatouk”

A Chat With Nuntio

Hi! I’m back with another chat with Nuntio. I have already interviewed them previously, however this time I gave them a few topics to talk about so you can get to know them even better, like I did with Sharl 🙂 Niclas from Nuntio’s musical memories growing up and in the band: Niclas: Hmmm IContinue reading “A Chat With Nuntio”

An Interview With Georgi Clarke

What is your history with music? Georgi: I first discovered my love of music at school. I loved to sing my heart out to the assembly hymns and music was my favourite subject. From there, I decided to start individual music lessons. I took up singing followed by piano and then clarinet. I practiced andContinue reading “An Interview With Georgi Clarke”