Olivier Laurent Shares His Second Album ‘Lavi Bon’

“It’s observable even upon first listen of ‘Lavi Bon’ that Olivier Laurent has a great ability to create intrigue and fulfil this on each and every song of the album.” New York based musician Laurent has reappeared with his second album ‘Lavi Bon’, releasing brilliant singles over the course of two years to create aContinue reading “Olivier Laurent Shares His Second Album ‘Lavi Bon’”

An Interview With Falllift

I love the whole atmosphere you have created with ‘Scale of Life’ and I’ve heard that your debut EP is being released in December. How is the process of recording it going? Thank you! Yes, we are releasing the entire ‘Sunday Sessions’ EP on December 18th. We are finished with the recordings and couldn’t beContinue reading “An Interview With Falllift”

12 New Music Discoveries – October 2022

Cruising – Black Lips This Atlanta-based garage rock band have been making music together for over twenty years, and this year we have seen the release of two singles as well as an album this month. The group also had in store for their fans another two songs titled ‘Make It’ and ‘Cruising’. It wasContinue reading “12 New Music Discoveries – October 2022”

Stone Senate Rise With EP Release ‘Dawn’

“You can tell that Stone Senate work hard touring to showcase their music to new listeners, but there is also a natural quality within their music that keeps you engaged.” Southern rock band Stone Senate have returned this year with more music after widening their audience with incessant touring and consistent singles. Today they releasedContinue reading “Stone Senate Rise With EP Release ‘Dawn’”

An Interview With Villeman

I love the lyricism on ‘Thirty Years’. What is the writing process like for you? Villeman: Thanks for the compliment 🙂 That’s good to hear because as you know, I’m not a native speaker. I usually weigh every word carefully and spend hours on translator sites until I get a satisfying outcome. But first ofContinue reading “An Interview With Villeman”

The 1975: Being Funny In A Foreign Language Review

11. Human Too Favourite lyric: I’m sorry that I quite liked seein’ myself on the news, and I’m sorry that I’m someone that I wish I could change A bit more soulful, but arguably a bit more boring than the other songs on the album. Good lyricism, in fact one of the best lyrics ofContinue reading “The 1975: Being Funny In A Foreign Language Review”

12 New Music Discoveries – September 2022

HOW U FEELIN – Naomi Wild, Tempest Naomi Wild and Tempest have collaborated before on ‘So Gone’, and this time they bring back soothing sounds with ‘HOW U FEELIN’. The song refers to problems in relationships, all whilst channelling breezy instrumentals. You can listen to the song here: Luminescence – Vloski Labelled on Spotify asContinue reading “12 New Music Discoveries – September 2022”

CMON CMON’S ‘Say What It Means’ Unleashes A Meaningful Melody

“CMON CMON orchestrate a single heavy in warm tones and lyrics that have a real substance to them.” Belgian reformed rock band CMON CMON are back with a follow up to ‘The Summers we Missed’. ‘Say What It Means’ is a track that pumps adrenaline with every beat, and displays the group’s talent wholeheartedly. TheContinue reading “CMON CMON’S ‘Say What It Means’ Unleashes A Meaningful Melody”

Diana Ringo Sets Each Scene On Her Soundtrack Album For ‘Quarantine’

“It’s satisfying to see how each song on the soundtrack for ‘Quarantine’ has its own ambience, presented beautifully by unique melodies.” Diana Ringo – Finnish film director, composer and visual artist – released a collection of songs alongside the release of her 2021 film ‘Quarantine’, which she directed, wrote and produced. The soundtrack has anContinue reading “Diana Ringo Sets Each Scene On Her Soundtrack Album For ‘Quarantine’”

Harry Jxye Emits Great Invigoration On ‘Fake Friends’

“Just by listening to ‘Fake Friends’, it’s clear that Harry Jxye knows how to engage with his audience melodically and lyrically.” 24 year old up and coming musician Harry Jxye has released his single ‘Fake Friends’. The singer has been building his artist persona all through 2022, amassing over 2,000 followers on Instagram and releasingContinue reading “Harry Jxye Emits Great Invigoration On ‘Fake Friends’”