NERiMA Find Comfort In Darkness On EP ‘Kiss Your Shadows’

“All six songs of Kiss Your Shadows’ have something individual to offer, but what brings them together is a strong sense of passion.”

NERiMA – indie-rock band based in Toronto – have returned this year with their second EP ‘Kiss Your Shadows’. As they explore more themes, we can really start to hear the group developing their sound.

‘BAD ENDING’ launches straight into a heavy instrumental, asking a chain of questions, my personal favourite being ‘What’s the point of starting over, from all of the lies I loved you for?’. As for ‘NO NO NO’, lead singer Alexi’s voice comes swinging in with emotion. It’s another heavy number, consisting of mantra-like verses.

The infectious tune of ‘Medicine’ is enough for you to have it on repeat. From the intro we are acquainted with a pounding instrumental, but by the chorus we have plunged into a truly passionate melody. And after three powerfully invigorating songs, NERiMA present us with ‘Penance’. It’s a little more mellow at the beginning but has this substantial build up until we reach thundering drums and electrifying guitar sounds. Penance really does give us the best of both worlds; shining light on more intricate, softer vocals at first and then putting the spotlight on the colossal instrumental.

“The name ‘Kiss Your Shadows’ is a more passionate take on the idea of embracing your demons. It tells you not only to accept the darkness following you but to love it, to show it enough affection and acceptance that you forget to be afraid of it,” said NERiMA when asked about the theme of the EP.

‘When We Were Young’ talks of fear and nostalgia. There’s this underlying melancholic quality to it that weaves in and out of the song, dominated by such tender vocal tones. And the final track ‘Fester’ has a more intense melody. Amongst some fascinating lyricism and a rollercoaster of an instrumental, it’s evident that the song fuels a rush of adrenaline.

You can listen to the EP here:


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