Southside Miko Produces A Catchy Melody on ‘No Friends’

“The way Southside Miko uses different variations and tones in his voice to enhance the meaning of his lyrics is an enviable trait to have as an artist, and ‘No Friends’ evidently displays this.”

Artist and Producer from North Carolina Southside Miko has made many tracks over the years for himself and other people. His songs expand across a few genres, with ‘No Friends’ in particular channelling major R&B vibes.

These R&B vibes are felt as soon as we hear the intro, showcasing a fresh sound. Southside Miko blends a brilliant beat and a marvellous melody to create something incredibly catchy, bringing out that urge to sing along. As the song continues you’ll notice how Southside Miko really uses the versatility of his voice to portray the different emotions in each lyric, whether in doing this he increases or decreases the pitch or changes the tone.

When asked about ‘No Friends’, Southside Miko said, “I just knew No Friends was going to be a record that was well received by listeners when I was recording it. The beat is fire and the style of the song really stands out from my other music so immediately after recording I thought to myself, ‘this is one of them ones that makes you want to sing along….this the one!”

The expression of feeling in Southside Miko’s voice, the catchiness in the melody and the relatability of the lyrics is strengthened more and more as we reach the end of the song. At this point you’ll no doubt be singing along, and will have the tune of ‘No Friends’ stuck in your head already after your first listen.

You can listen to the song here:

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